Flash Media Gallery


Since Flash has been blocked by our dearest Apple company..
There are other galleries out there now. Rejoice!
You can still download the old one here:

And here is the old page for reminiscence.

Check our page on Joomla Extensions Directory for more.

Joomla 1.5

Pre Joomla 1.5

On request some old extensions. They do NOT work on Joomla version 1.5

  • Keyword AddMenu v0.2
    Displays a list with possible keywords before the editor pane. Selecting one will add it to be added to the Meta Info Keywords.
  • KeywordShow v0.1
    Allows you to add a multi link tag line at the end of your content. The keywords in the tag line are created from the meta keywords of the content item.
  • KeywordSeach v0.2
    Searches in the meta keywords of articles for terms you put in in the search box or in the parameters of the component.


Overlay for Google Earth

The city of Ghent has changed the path of the images, so this overlay doesn't work for now.

XML / php / cartographic coordinates

Dynamically generated overlay for Google Earth of the City of Ghent. It is a much more higher resolution than the default Google Earth satellite images.

Thanks to the City of Ghent for providing the aerial photos.