Firefox Tab Groups Workaround
General look and workaround

Firefox Tab Groups Workaround Close and Bookmark
Close Tabs and Bookmark them all

Firefox Tab Groups Workaround Open
Open all as Tabs

Since Firefox decided to go exclusivily for the much featureless WebExtensions for their addons, from version 57 onwards a lot of add-ons and power of Firefox will disappear.
That is, until Mozilla upgrades the Webextension API, which they promised.  Expect years for this to be realized!
So, I started to figuring out if some of my favorite addons can be simulated more or less via native workarounds. This one is a workaround that combines Tab Groups (2) and TabGroups Menu (2, 3) at once.


The objective is to use a new Bookmarks Toolbar Folder with subfolders. Each subfolder will function as a workaround Tab Group.
So, all your Tab Group tabs, will be bookmarks and not real tabs, except the currently visible ones.

Then, one can use the following three existing Context Menu Items to simulate Tab Groups (Menu) functionality:

  1. "Bookmark All Tabs..." on a visible tab, to put them in in an existing or new Tab Group.
    (Only once fore each Tab Group. See Migration below to speed this up.)
  2. "Close All Tabs" on a visible tab to hide the current tabs
  3. "Open All in Tabs" on a bookmarks folder to display the tabs of the Tab Group you want to see.

I know, it takes three non-efficient steps to do it, or actually only the two last if you have migrated all tabs once.
Two steps is still kinda slow, but at least it does allow the structuring and limiting displayed tabs to make our surfing experience less messy and more categorized.

Two things in the future might make the remaining 2 steps unnecessary with almost no extra effort:

  1. When "Contextual Identities" Containers will be implemented in Firefox, then you can use this exactly as Tab Groups (though possibly with some undesired effects too).
    Makes you wonder why Firefox got rid of Tab Groups and then brought something very similar back, right?
  2. Make a Webextension addon that combine the two remaining steps above into 1 combined context menu. I'm not sure, but I think this could be implemented already via the Webextension API.
    Or it wouldn't be much to ask Mozilla to put this in native Firefox, would it? It just a very few lines of code.


  1. Make a new special bookmarks folder that will take the function of Tab Groups Holder.
    E.g. "Tab Groups"
  2. Put this folder on you Bookmarks Toolbar for easier access.
  3. (*) For each tab group you have or want to have, make a Workaround Tab Group folder inside the previous Tab Groups root folder.
  4. (*) Bookmark all your tabs in all tab groups and make sure you select one of the folders iside "Tab Groups

(*) There are several ways to do these. Some combine 2. & 3. in one step:

  • If you still have Tab Groups, right click on a tab inside a Tab Group and select "Bookmark All Tabs..."
    This combines 2. & 3.
  • Use the bookmarks library (CTRL-SHIFT-B) to make it easier in several other possible ways you like best.
    There are several ways possible here