Bookmarks x Tags ToolbarButtons
Bookmarks x Tags Configuration

Related parent project: "Firefox Delicious Replacement Project".


The Bookmarks x Tags Firefox addon allows you to create some dropdown toolbar buttons which each display a list of bookmarks selected by a cross section of tags that you choose.  It's similar to the already existing Firefox functionality, but with more that 1 tag.

First use

The toolbar button are gonna appear on your navigation bar by default. They kind of don't look good there, I know.
You should Customize firefox and drag each xTag button where you want it. You have to do this every time you create an xTag.
This is a shortcoming of the Firefox SDK (the newest one of the three ways to program Firefox Addons) and I don't know if I'll ever woraround this.


Download on Firefox here.


Planned / Todo

  • Features
    • Start buttons on the same toolbar as the main button
      Another area such as AREA_BOOKMARKS is no parameter in sdk/button/view :-(
      Is there a workaround or should we wait for firefox sdk developers to make this possible?
    • Different tags depending tab group!! Ooo yeah! (globals and local tag menu's!) - Once created, get them from bar, but keep in chache, so recreating is just replacing.
      NOTE: CAN this not be achieved with other addon (toolbar per group?)
    • When updating/adding a bookmark with relevant tags, refresh relevant dropdowns
    • livemark = rss bookmarks folder sdk
      node.setAttribute('livemark', true);
    • When creating a new bookmark from dropdown, add the tags from the dropdown
      Not possible yet, see mozilla "bug" 1162169 (feature request)
  • Bugs
    • Some characters are not accepted from preferences and don't find the bookmarks
      e.g. the tag "->" finds nothing although it exists
  • Code specific
    • ContextMenu sdk way problem
      • Confirmed 2011!searchin/mozilla-labs-jetpack/get$20contextmenu/mozilla-labs-jetpack/raKE8ChEna8/4pWtuzeNEYkJ
    • USe the existing bookmarks contextmenu
      See trials in "Backup and trials" folder.
    • make class for some stuff in main and button
    • Maybe Search code from firefox bookmarks and take some parts over
    • Efficiency Improvement for BxTagButton: allow menu items as promise and fill in when search is finished
      so all buttons are drawn before DB actually finished
    • Finish and fine tune some stuff everywhere (make sdk typical?)
    • put context menu code in other file as class (sdk module?)