There was this delicious addon from the old delicious that only some people probably still know about, but it's still unique. This project is about this.

Although it has been years that this wonderfull addon from first yahoo, then Avos has been left to rot, there is still no alternative on no webbrowser for this today (2015-05-07), nothing even close!  I am really baffled by this, but well...
So I decided to learn writing Firefox addons and try to recreate some of the functionality which I cannot live without! Upto now I was still living with the years-old addon, but it finally is not usable anymore since Firefox Update 35 or so.. (Awesomebar dropdown mouseclicking breaks.)

Project parts

  1. Migrate your Delicious bookmarks to Firefox bookmarks, an sql-script with some manual requirements. This is necessary if you want to use your old delicious bookmarks with the following parts.  Though you can also use them without the migration on your firefox bookmarks.

  2. The first release is the Bookmarks x Tags addon which shows toolbar buttons with a dropdown that displays bookmarks (from firefox this time) from a cross selection of tags.
  3. (Planned) A sidebar with a tree of bookmark tags with each a subtree of other tags that are used for the same bookmarks.

  4. Since this project is converting from delicious to firefox, a lot of the old functionality will then exist via Firefox built-in features -such as searching bookmarks and tags in the awesome bar- and via existing addons.


  • This is in no way related to the -in my opinion totally failed- current delicious site and addons which has been taken over again after Avos.
    Avos, you are crying too to have chosen the wrong people, are you not?  ;'-(
  • I will release everything to GitHub once.