A Flash presentation about and around the EM spectrum showing a lot of things, like frequencies & ranges, applications & allocations, attenuations &emission lines, a frequency-wavelength-energy calculator and much more (Check the features!)

It's fully customizable with XML, but it comes already with some basic things.

Flash only (fills brower).


  • Logarithmic scale (frequency / wavelength)
    • with a "mouse hover pointer" which gives you detailed frequencies (Scientific or closest SI notation)
    • Zoom functions
  • Division of the spectrum in:
    • Types or well-know ranges (Radio waves • Microwave • Infrared • Visible spectrum •• Ultraviolet • X-ray • Gamma ray)
      with a short explanation of each (with uses, charecteristics, etc..)
    • types, classes, ..
  • Independant layers / overlays which you can switch on and off:
    • Ranges, plots, maps, etc.:
      • Interaction with matter or Processes at atomic level (molecular rotation and torsion / vibration // electronic jumping / inonisation / compton scattering)
      • Wavelength size comparison (with some well known things such as a building, insect, cell, virus, amino acid, atoms, ..)
      • Customizable frequency applications
      • Customizable frequency allocations
      • Customizableattenuation / black bodies plots or maps
    • Frequency pinpoints:
  • Frequency-wavelength-energy on-the-fly calculator
  • Automatically jump to the average "interest zone" on change
  • Available Overlays / XML's in the table below
Name Type File
Some well-known Frequency allocations included
Europe ECA Frequency allocations included
ITU Region 1 Frequency applications included
Europe ECA Frequency applications included
Atmospheric attenuation Plots included
Spectrum of the sun in space (at earth) Plots included
Spectrum of the sun on earth Plots included
Theoretical Black Body Plots included
Special frequencies
(microwave, water resonance, mobile phone, RGB, ..)
Pinpoints (customizable via 1 file only) included
Hydrogen (theory) Emission lines Pinpoints included
Hydrogen (observed) Emission lines Pinpoints included
Oxygen (observerd) Emission lines Pinpoints included
Some important/strong Emission lines Pinpoints included
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Development has halted for now by lack of time & resources.

Fix bugs

  • The whole scale and positions seems to have an offset (at least on layers). (since zoom feature??)
  • Not all overlays stay put and are notified as switched on or not

Donations will only speed this up!

  • Displaying of Wikipedia information (mainly targeted to this pag: Electromagnetic spectrum and its related articles / templates)
  • Set transparancy layers
  • Curve the lines between 2 points in self generated graphics(based on the others)
  • Make black body / attenuation XML more customizable via extra options (in XML!) (via slider, etc..)
    e.g. different atm. attenuations with diff. weather / sun specttrum with height / ..
  • Allow other SI (dB/km, etc..)
  • Improve wavelength / frequency calculations
  • Maybe once in Amstrong (first check if still generally used somewhere)
  • Update MAtter-interaction: In stead of arrows, a way of inidcating where most common effects (e.g. electron energy changes are ranging from x to y; look it up)
  • Add more content (attenuations, reflection, refraction, BBs, ELs, ...) !!! :-))))


Just use it online on the presentation Tab above or download and extract the package and double click the swf file.


* You can customize via XML and link graphics and flash movies (jpg, gif, .., swf, ..).

You can customize via XML files in the folder of the movie (and include graphics and flash movies (jpg, gif, .., swf, ..)).
Starting with the main files "Menuallocation.xml, MenuApplication.xml, MenuEmission.xml, MenuGraph.xml, SpecF.xml" you can find all the related xml files. It's a bit of searching in the beginning, but everything is self-explanatory. Have a look at them and make your own. if you do, you are more than welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I would appreciate it. I will publish them all on the webspace of this movie. Sharing is the future! ;-)
(I am also considering any comments, feature requests...)

I am afraid I haven't found any standard yet for the different XML. Suggestions are welcome.

(If you want to add some documentation to this page, please don't hesitate to send it to me. I will place it here)


For testing or making your own overlays or for using it locally on your computer (for speed e.g.):
EM spectrum
License: Attribution-Share Alike (Attribution: link to and mention built by e-motiv)


Although I still accept and integrate third-party overlays and such, I don't have the time to improve this anymore.
Though I love this project and would be very happy to work together with any organisation that wants to invest in this.


(I am a pro bono developer, so unfortunatly I don't have the time to develop without income. So sad, this world, alas)