This is a catch-up page for the old times sake. FMG has been discontinued.


It's a simple, but customizable flash gallery with some features that I couldn't find in other Flash galleries. You can use the Player locally, online and as Joomla plugin.

{fmgallery [100%] [400] [gallery.php] [startAlbum=1&slidePause=true]}


  • Cross platform ( Windows/Macintosh/Linux )
    Cross browser ( Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari / .. )
  • 100% FREE

  • Loads JPG, PNG, GIF or SWF
  • Fullscreen option
  • Lightweight / Small footprint (<25KB!!)
  • Browse with buttons and keyboard (space, enter, arrows)
  • Autostretches images to full width or heigth
  • Customizable via individual parameters and individual or global config file. (All parameters in the documentation).
  • Albums (or "sets") display
    • with custom covers
    • Albums resize relativily to display! (and smaller)
    • Cover of default album shown as big image on start (if slideshow paused)
  • 100% use of flash frame / view / display pane
  • Autohides buttons and thumbs (now also on idle)
  • Click image = Go to URL or Save dialog (without pop-up) ( = Save locally)
    Only images from same domain can directly be saved, others will open in new browser window.
    (Can be overrided with a flash security file, cross domain file, like inFlickr, etc.!)
  • Can be run standalone on your PC (with local (hard disk, usb, ..) or remote images)
  • Displays bugs & errors in a fading screen
  • Uses the SWFObject static publishing method (asa nested object or Flash Satay method) to ensure the most optimal cross-browser support by means of markup only, while being standards compliant and supporting alternative content.
  • Doesn't extract images, only makes them smaller if they don't fit.
  • Doesn't stop slideshow or thumbs when some image(s) are not available
  • Mini loadbar
  • One loader for all thumbs -> Less CPU memory?

For al further features check out the Changelog


Donations will only speed this up!

  • Thumbnails are looked for in the image folder. So: make this folder also a parameter.
  • RSS feeds such as Picasa, Flickr, etc.
  • Rezisable albums display
  • XML file per album (to lower load time and unnecessary loading)
  • Preloading!
  • Download bar on thumbs
  • Optionally show thumbs all over the stage! (in rows and columns)
  • Take information out of image file meta (which one is the best?)
  • Ttitle and description per image
  • Clean Memory after each album (or make sure memory doesn't go above a certain amount, bc. it tends too with big photos!)
  • Add effect behind current shown thumb
  • Catch IOErrorEvent errors
  • Dates! If no date, take filedate!
  • language (l8n)


Upto 2012-01-17:

  • Made it 1.7 compatible
  • Small fixes
  • Removed starter & in last parameter

Since 2009-01-27:

  • Repositioned control buttons
  • Clicking when controls are hidden, now also shows next image (as a real slideshow should :-))
  • Hide menu & mouse after mouse idle for 3 seconds
  • Smaller, unobtrusive loadbar
  • Hoovertips on buttons
  • Start slideshow after first thumb loaded!
  • Now hides the controls when leaving stage
  • Browse with keyboard (space, enter, arrows)
  • default config file is now fmg.xml in default folder (local and remote player should work now without changes )
  • Autohiding of buttons and thumbs (now also on idle)
  • Shows cover of default album on start (if slideshow paused)
  • one loader for all thumbs -> Less CPU memory? (Especially for Sabine's old Desktop, hehe)
  • Background transparent (in html)! Makes it possible to show it as a pic wihtout user's knowledge and surprise him with the slideshow or when he hoovers the mouse over it (depending on your settings)
  • Album scroller (when more albums than can be shown)
  • Start on album view
  • FIXED: save image bug.
  • IXED: bad last thumb position
  • FIXED: bug with resizing when there are so few thumbs that they don't fill the width of the stage
  • Loads all thumbnails with extensions jpg now (also for swf and png)
  • Various minor things ...


{tab-level2=For all uses}

For all uses, you have to take these steps:

  1. Extract/install the package where you want

  2. Optionally put your images in any folder you want.

  3. The Player always starts looking for an xml configuration file in its own folder (where the swf is located).  Here is where you set the albums and pictures that you want to show.
    • The default one should be called "fmg.xml"
    • Online users can override this and even use a php script which automatically creates all image configuring, from any online folder. See relevant tabs.

  4. Set the FMG Parameters to change the behavior of the gallery. (You can set these in the above configuration file, but more freedom is explained in the other tabs.)

{tab-level2=online use (non joomla) }

Example (html):

<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="100%" height="400">
<param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" />
<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />
<param name="movie" value="" />
<param name="quality" value="high" />
<param name="FlashVars" value="XMLConfigFile=">
  1. You can use your own configuration file after "XMLConfigFile=" in your (in the FlashVars method below)
    You can find 2 different examples in the package.
    One for automatically creating albums from folders, gallery.php (and one for more manual labor, fmgallery.xml).
    You'll have to do some editing though!
  2. Add fmg parameters at the end of the FlashVars and prefix them with an & (ampersand).

{tab-level2=Joomla plugin}

  1. Don't forget to ENABLE your plugin after installing it!
  2. Put the gallery in your content  as follows:
    {fmgallery [100%] [400] [gallery.php] [startAlbum=0&slidePause=true]}
  3. The first 2 variables set the width and height.
  4. The 3d variable sets the configuration file you want to use for this gallery.
    You can find 2 different examples installed in this folder:     [YOUR JOOMLA PATH]/plugins/content/fmgallery .
    One for automatically creating albums from folders, gallery.php (and one for more manual labor, fmgallery.xml).
    You'll have to do some editing though!
  5. And with the 4th variable you can set any of the FMG Parameters.  Split parameters with an & (ampersand).

{tab-level2=FMG Parameters}

Current custom parameters (and defaults) that change the behavior of the flash gallery:

  • startAlbum (0)
    Album to display at start
  • slidePause (false)
    Pause the slideshow at start
  • thmbSize (50) //Possibly bugged
    Specify the sizes of your thumbnails (you should take the longest size for best quality!)
  • thSp (10)
    Space between thumbs
  • thSlideSpeed (1)
    Speed of the thumbnails scrolling
  • sSInterval (5000)
    Time between slideshow intervals.
  • XMLConfigFile (default: /plugins/content/fmgallery/gallery.php)
    The config file with albums and descriptions.
  • hideAlbums (true)
    If set to false, albums will be shown to select on startup.


If you want to add some text to this documentation, please send it to me.